Guest commentaries

     ‘Our entire group had the unanimous opinion that this guided tour was the best we had experienced until now'
(Elke Micul)
    ‘We spent a beautiful afternoon with Count Hans in Laufenburg and drove home to [...] the Black Forrest solely with happy guests.' 
(Viktoria Wehrle, St. Georgen)
    ‘Mephisto was a total success. My high expectations were even exceeded.'
(Erwin Angehrn, Solothurn)
     ‘It was an unforgettable evening. [...] We can only recommend you.'
(Frau Fräulin, Staufen)
     ‘The evening was classified under the term highlight.'
(Wolfgang Friedrich)
     ‘What I experienced on Sunday 09-15-07 was a fascinating city tour. Count Hans was very convincing in his role and was able to respond even to unexpected events e.g. the ringing of a cell phone. Actually, I felt a little bit as if it was the Middle Ages again. The special meals tasted deliciously and were adequately explained.'
(Ursula Eichenberger)
    ‘We experienced the guided city tour with Bärbele including culinary delights on 10-19-2007. All around amazing, nice, humorous, serious and interesting. Simply a great start of our weekend in Freiburg.'
(Jürgen Thiele, Düsseldorf)


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