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The founder in person shows you his city which
was established in 1599 following the vision of a
mighty empire of Württemberg.

Walk with Duke Friedrich across
Germany´s largest market place, through
the beautiful arcades and pass the town church
until you reach the spa gardens of Freudenstadt.

Let yourself be pampered with our spezial Duke
Friedrich Tartlets as well as cappuccino or hot
chocolate in the "Café Pause" at the market place.

In the exclusive guest theatre Duke Friedrich
invites his guests to act with him in a
scene taken out of his eventful life.

Local culinary delights:

  • Special Duke Friedrich tartlets with
    cappuccino or hot chocolate
    served in the "Café Pause"
  • Black Forrest cheese sticks with a
    glass of Weißherbst (special rosé)
    in the "Cafe Pause"

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