Follow our charming ‘Black Forrest girl’ through the winding alleyways of Freiburg, Black Forrest’s
splendorous metropolis.

We take you into the rambling history of
Freiburg and the region. You will learn
fascinating and amusing details on this
extraordinary walk through the historic
Old Town. Let yourself get pampered with
champagne, wine and delicacies
from Baden.

You always wanted to witness the splendour of
Chistianity´s most beautyful spire? Come on
then and follow Bärbel on her tour through the city!

In the exlusive guest theatre the guests may try to
put on the original hat of our Black Forrest girl and
act in a scene taken from the movie "Schwarzwald-
mädel" shot in 1950.


Locale culinary delights:
  • Champagne reception in the guesthouse
    "Zum Roten Bären"
  • Black Forrest ham with Gutedel
    (Chasselas) in the tavern "Alte Wache"

€ 21,00 p.P. with Culinaria
€ 12,00 p.P. without Culinaria

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  • English
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